Galactic Heart Healing Relaxation

Enjoy chillout time in a different way on this Galactic Heart Healing Relaxation with Indigo Intuitive.

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Unfortunately, this event has now passed.

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Galactic Heart Healing Relaxation
About Galactic Heart Healing Relaxation

DROP in! No need to book, or talk :)

Further first Tuesdays of the month on my website - ALSO new SATURDAY dates please see other events on FB or my website- check for details
Cost: £10 drop in - this is not an 'ongoing attendance' class, you can pop in on first Tuesdays of the month at Purple Dove Studio

PLEASE WEAR WARM CLOTHES AND BRING A FEW BLANKETS & A PILLOW FOR FLOOR COMFORT (CHAIRS ALSO AVAILABLE) note that this class does not involve too much talking or sharing unless you wish to share. It's to allow you quiet inner time with your own space.

Galactic Heart Relaxation Energy – This is a drop in night where you are in your own unique space, no sharing required! (I save the sharing and chatting for the ascension classes) All you need is yourself, comfy clothes and a few blankets for your comfort. The Galactic Heart energies are cosmic rays to assist in your own self-healing, relaxation, releasing, realigning, and building understanding to your own life purpose, evolution on the ascension path, and to assist you find balance in your body, mind, emotions and spiritual bodies. We focus on the 12th Dimensional Platinum Shielding Technique – which helps you to strengthen your aura and light body, and allows you to become more aware of your own energy field, and to help you connect more fully to the parts of your soul that are out in the different dimensional spaces, as you anchor your soul power into your physical body. Just the usual gentle quiet own space for energy relaxation bathing and meditation, where ever your own self-healing journey takes you into your soul….or somewhere else…..all are welcome. This is suitable for all; I don’t talk so much, so you can get real peace and quiet into your own energy system. While being held in the gateway to the Galactic Heart, and receive plasma cosmic rays at the pace that your soul said is right for you to heal, release, grow or receive energy recalibrations and alignments in the moment. I can’t tell you how important that it is for you to take command of your OWN energy and light body. It’s yours. Forever.

From my lightbody I initiate a vortex into higher dimensions and this allows the cosmic plasma rays, from dimensional space outwith our galaxy and through the vortex I flow the energy for my client or into a group containment field is a group setting. These energies are here to assist with the ascension process, on all levels. Lightbody, soul, emotional, mental and physical, to support the expansion of your consciousness. To heal your heart and soul and to allow you to have a more conscious connection with the universe, Unity (zero point) Consciousness (Christ/Krystal Consciousness) and unconditional love is coming through at a DNA level into those who participate. We are being recalibrated into the crystalline energies that we are. Transmuting old beliefs, unwanted energies or thought forms, and releasing what no longer serves. Your soul is always in control. We are each raising the vibrations of our hearts, and we are each also bringing together learnings from our own multi-dimensionalities, (or our other soul aspects that reside on simultaneous time within our Monadic and Avatar fields) into our current reality local-self existence.

Any questions please contact me, otherwise please just come along on the night. All classes should go ahead as planned but please check on FB or text me before you attend just in case. I look forward to seeing you.

While we take every opportunity to ensure the details for Galactic Heart Healing Relaxation are accurate, we always advise that you contact the event organiser before setting out for the event to avoid disapointment.

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