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Nuffield Health Fitness & Wellbeing Centre Stroud Road, East Kilbride G75 0YW
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Pregnancy Pilates Thursdays 5.30pm & Postnatal Pilates Tuesdays 12.30pm
Arleen Dingwall Pilates
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Pregnancy Pilates Classes
Thursdays at 5.30pm
Pilates is a gentle low impact form of exercise and as such, is considered one of the best forms of exercise for pregnant woman and New Mummies in post natal recovery. Exercises can be adapted at each stage of pregnancy to allow for gentler or more focused exercise. It not only helps maintain and improve the condition of both your abdominal and pelvic floor muscles, but it will not place strain on the joints and back. It can even be adapted for women with pelvic girdle pain too.
Suitable from 12 weeks pregnant.

Postnatal Pilates Classes
Tuesdays at 12.30pm
Even once the baby has been safely delivered, your body will be rapidly readjusting itself. An exercise program to assist your body to confront these new found challenges is a must- this is where Postnatal Pilates comes in.

Help strengthen the body and mind for the new demands of motherhood and allow Pilates to help you regain your body shape, tone up, and re-strengthen muscles that have been weakened during pregnancy...

Suitable from 6 weeks postnatal or 8-12 weeks post c-section dependant on advice of medical practitioner

THE GOOD NEWS? If you wish, your baby can sit in his/her car seat or bouncy chair right next to your mat so no babysitter required. (Although if you’d rather have some ‘me time’ – That’s ok too, the choice is yours.)

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