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Qigong classes for Health and Wellbeing
The vast majority of qigong classes being taught today involve little more than slowed down aerobics but at San Bao we practice Qigong properly, in its truest sense, working with Qi. Qigong (pronounced chee gong) means energy work and the physical movements are only one of the tools involved. It is the ancient Chinese Art that was developed millennia ago and there are four main uses:-

Health and wellbeing, resulting in the practitioner being proactive with their health.
Spiritual Qigong accesses the consciousness and practitioners can attain higher states of awareness and perception.
Medicinal, where Qigong is used within TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine).
Martial Qigong is used to toughen and strengthen the fascia of the body.

In the San Bao Qigong Qigong classes we focus on the health and wellbeing aspects. Advanced students also practice Spiritual (Shen) Qigong.

Health and Wellbeing
Everyone would like to have improvements to their health and well being (and therefore to their lives). Being fit is one thing and being healthy is another but in the western world fitness is often thought of as health so most people find themselves going to the gym and sweating a lot as all those stressful thoughts continue to swirl around in their heads.

Fortunately, Qigong provides an alternative that can be practiced anywhere, takes up little space, needs no equipment and becomes a pleasure rather than a chore. So, if your goal for improvement includes any of the following, Qigong may well be your best way forward.

Would you like to:
• Lower your stress levels?
• Have better, more restorative, sleep?
• Have increased vitality levels?
• Increase the efficiency of your immune system?
• Lower, or regulate, your blood pressure?
• Reduce levels of chronic pain?
• Correct poor posture?
• Reduce the frequency of tension headaches?

These Qigong exercises are easy to learn and an hour out of your day to attend one of our Qigong classes could have a lasting, beneficial, effect on your life.

San Bao Qigong Classes Details:
Location – John Wright Sports Centre, Calderwood Road, East Kilbride, G74 3EU.
Day – Tuesday.
Time – 8:15 till 9:15 pm.
Cost – £28.00 per calendar month
Instructor – Des Lawton

Upcoming Events at San Bao Martial Arts School

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